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API 6A Valves & Valve parts
WWS Wellhead Components stocks include casing/tubing heads, casing/tubing spools,casing/tubing Hungers, Crosses, Tees, and all kinds of flanges.
WWS Frac Trees are strictly designed and manufactured in according with relative standard for severe fracturing applications, the our full-bore opening trees are idea trees for harsh operating environments, working pressure: 5000psi to 20000psi
Christmas Trees:
Working Pressure: 2M to 20M
Nominal Size: 2-1/16 to 5-1/8
Temperature: -46 to 121
Material: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF
Specification Level: PSL1 to PSL4
Performance Level: PR1 to PR2
Medium: Oil, Gas, Drilling Fluid,
Gas contained H2S, CO2
Chock and kill Manifolds:
Working Pressure: 3,000PSI to15,000PSI
Nominal Size: 2-1/16" to 4-1/16"
Temperature: -29 to 121
Material: AA , BB, CC, DD, EE, FF
Specification Level: PSL1 to PSL3
Performance Level: PR1 to PR2
Factory is ISO-9001 and API-6A, API-16C certified.
We are also one of the most competitive supplier in the Northamerica market.
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